Your Kalinko: An Ode to Placemats

Your Kalinko: An Ode to Placemats

Summer is in full swing, and so are your summer lunches. Kalinko homes around the country have been whipping up some delicious looking lunches on the prettiest tables. Just LOOK how beautiful these are...
Thank you so much for sharing!:

Melly's Little Kitchen

Melly watched the Wimbledon final with a seriously executive lunch. That dressing is ginger and carrot...delish! And contrasts beautifully with our green placemats. Have a look at Melly's Little Kitchen to get your taste buds going. 

The Odd Flower

HOW BEAUTIFUL are the flowers on this summer lunch table? Clever Alison from The Odd Flower creates the most beautiful wild seasonal bunches. She has also made our brown rattan placemats look incredibly smart...  

Wedding Present Company

Hands up who wants to go to this party? It's already fun before the people have even arrived. The clever cats at the Wedding Present Company are behind this Frida Kahlo themed Mexican summer setting. They chose our white latha placemats to give a gorgeous natural texture.  

Heasley House

If you head to Heasley House in North Devon for a weekend, you can treat yourself to...wait for it...portobello mushroom risotto with homemade stock, celery, grassfed butter, leeks, parmesan, lemon and porcini. Yes...GRASSFED BUTTER. All sitting pretty on a green Kalinko placemat. Heaven. 



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