Home Decor

When we take a look around our homes – whether they're the dream ones we lusted after or the smaller spaces we've settled into – we can't take in the bigger picture all at once. Our eyes can only see what's in front of us, which is rather soothing: allowing ourselves to relish in the smaller details. The placemat that holds a favourite candle, whose smell takes us back to a holiday, person, place, moment. A carafe of water with a little chip on the lip - the chip from when you moved out of the place you lived in alone, and into a one with the person you'd fallen in love with. There's the stool we rest our feet on everyday, but which we discover new things about each time – the way the colour has faded, the intricacy of the stitching, the smoothness of the surface. A favourite cushion that has worn a little just where your head rests on it night after night, while you read in your favourite spot with the window open, letting the breeze ripple against your skin. It's the little details that make up the bigger picture, the chorus without which your voice might not carry. The things you'll take from home to home, layering your life with texture and soul, that give permanence to fleeting moments, and stitch them into your memory.