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Home Truths: Make Your Bathroom a Sanctuary

Home Truths: Make Your Bathroom a Sanctuary

We all love a spa day...the jacuzzi soaks, dimmed lights, steamy saunas. But you don’t have to go to Finland if you have your very own spa at home. Here's how to go about making your bathroom into a calming sanctuary. 

ONE | Lighting

You want your lights to be dimmable to allow the candles to do their thing. You should ideally also be able to control the lights from at least two different circuits: one for downlights and the other for wall lights so you can dictate the mood.

TWO | Storage

Try and keep the surfaces as uncluttered as possible. Go fully Marie Kondo in the spaces under the sink, and for things that you do need out, put them in neat little baskets. 

THREE | Mirrors

Go as big as you can fit/afford. It will make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter. Also, for the extra swank factor, get one with a heated panel in the middle so it doesn’t fog up.

FOUR | Walls

Go for tongue and groove panelling with wallpaper above the dado rail. Bathrooms are great places to have a fun wallpaper as you won’t need too much. Pick a colour from the wallpaper for the panelling below. 

FIVE | Accessories

Kalinko Bathroom Accessories
Keeping them natural is the way to go: choose handwoven rattan and recycled glass for soothing character. Now we’re not saying we have all the answers, but we definitely have some of them in our new collection.

SIX | Towels

Big Fluffy White Towels

Finally, you need huge white fluffy towels. Biggest is best so you can wrap yourself up completely. The White Company do one called Super Jumbo size… that’s what we’re talking about! 

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