At Kalinko, we place sustainable livelihoods, quality, and style at the forefront of our operations. Our makers are small groups working on a cottage-industry scale. This enables them to run their families and homes alongside their work. Our main motivation is to ensure that they are best placed – socially and economically – to prosper as the country develops while providing our customers timeless items that stand the test of time.

In light of the dynamic situation in Burma, we have developed a robust human rights due diligence methodology tracking shifts within the socioeconomic and governance landscape. This allows us to pre-emptively mitigate risks, when possible, while also staying flexible to adapt our supply chain operations in the event of unforeseen shifts.

We present below our sustainability pillars, human rights due diligence methodology, as well as our environmental sustainability practices and our supplier and maker charter. You can reach out to us on for further questions regarding our sustainability practices.