Halls, Landings & Corridors

Collection: Halls, Landings & Corridors

Spare a thought for those parts of the house that are often roamed but rarely sat in. The hallways that have seen a thousand hugs and kisses; the stairs you’ve cried on; the landings that have seen you come and go every single day. Remembering that one time the corridor was the only respite from a heatwave, creating a handy wind tunnel with the doors and windows open. Or when you plonked a chair on the landing, halfway through lugging it up the stairs, and took a few minutes of well-deserved rest.

These aren’t ‘rooms’ as such, but the bridges between them. The places that connect the dots. We’re of the persuasion that your umbrella stand has as many stories as your kitchen table and the lampshades that line your corridors throw light on epic conversations.

We’re here to celebrate all parts of a soulful home – especially the places that can go unnoticed.

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