Top Tips for New Homes

Top Tips for New Homes

Moving House? Dreading moving day? Well FEAR NOT. We're pros at this. Here are our top tips to get you settled and feeling in control in no time.


On the day

1 - Make your Bed.

Do this first. Sheets, pillows, everything. Because the absolute worst thing is getting to the end of a 45 hour day of shunting and deboxing, and not being able to fall into bed.

2 - Box of Essentials.

Take this with you in the car so you know where it is as soon as you get there. It should have a loo roll, the kettle, tea, coffee, milk, mugs and glasses.

3 - Meal Plan.

Decide before you leave what you're going to eat throughout the day. It's the perfect excuse for a banging takeaway. Plan ahead, decide where you're ordering from and what you're getting. And make sure you know where the plates and cutlery are, otherwise you'll be eating thai curry out of the foil trays with a wooden spoon (accurate description of my latest move)


In the first few days

1 - Key bowl.

Put a little bowl for your keys somewhere sensible (console, kitchen sideboard, hall table) and start using it from day one. If not you'll lose your keys 1000 times in the first few days. Personally I like a Nepalese Singing Bowl... makes a lovely tinngg when you drop your keys in. 

2 - Swap the doorknobs.

If your house comes with boring or ugly doorknobs, swap them for something snazzy (have a look at Holloways of Ludlow). It's a tiny, easy change which will make you happy every day, and one which you'll never bother with if you don't do it early on. 

3 - Put your pictures up pronto.

This is the best way to start feeling at home. Hanging pictures makes the room feel loved and lived in. And a bit like the doorknobs, if you don't do it early on it won't happen for weeks. See this recent post if you need some things to hang!

4 - Disguise what you can't replace.

If you're renting, or on a budget, and can't change things you don't like, hide them early on so they don't annoy you. Cover up ugly carpets with rugs, get loose covers or throws for sofas and chairs, and change the handles on cupboards and drawers (...after photographing the originals so you know what to put back where at the end).


Once you're unpacked

1 - Sort out your bins.

New house, new you - it's time to upgrade any ugly bins. It's a tiny change which will make a huge difference.

Rangoon Bins

2 - Door Stops.

Stop any slamming doors early on. Again, it's something which will get neglected if you leave it, and a shoe never really works.

Juju Door Stop

3 - Cage your bathroom clutter.

An easy fix which will make you feel calm!

Savoy Basket

4 - Laundry bins.

Treat yourself to a smart one to fit with your new bedroom or bathroom. Square fits neatly into the corner, and round is very elegant.

Tinsa Laundry Bins

5 - Tissue boxes.

Another neat little win which will make your new home look smart instantly.

Heho Tissue Box

6 - Luggage Racks.

One for your room, one for the spare room. 

Luggage Rack

7 - A little stool.

For reaching up into the highest cupboards. No more heaving around a chair. Every kitchen needs one of these kicking around.

Kalaya Stool



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