10 Places to Buy Art Online

10 Places to Buy Art Online

Where to buy great value original artworks and prints online

An art-world sage once told me that when you're young, you should just take a deep breath and buy art you love, even if you can't afford it, because you definitely won't be able to afford it later. Now this is very fun advice. I haven't done terribly well yet, but if you're ready to buy, or fancy a browse and either shelling out on a bit of a stonker, or snapping up a £10 print to cheer you up, here are the places I scroll through of a lockdown day. 

Christabel Blackburn for Partnership Editions

ONE | Partnership Editions

This is a really lovely company, and a great place to buy original art by young emerging artists. They do 6 "drops" a year of work from their small selection of handpicked artists. It's a small enough group that you can get to know the artists before the next drop, and know whose style you like, so you're mentally prepared to go for it when it happens. They don't hang around long! 

Kerry Harding at The Auction Collective

TWO | The Auction Collective

This is an online, super easy Auction platform for art ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. It's very accessible, gives you a really simple explanation of how to bid and your options for doing so, and has no surprise commissions. You pay what you bid. 

Abstract House

THREE | Abstract House

Ranging from £10 prints up to £2,000 original paintings, the selection on Abstract House is nicely curated. There isn't too much choice, so it isn't overwhelming. With the prints, you can choose from three sizes, and add the frames, and if you don't like it once it's on the wall, you can return it within 30 days.

Bonnie & Clyde at The Print Club

FOUR | Print Club London

These guys sell limited edition screenprints, starting at about £25, with snazzy hand-finished ones up in the hundreds. There's a lot of choice, but it's manageable with a useful filter on the left. 

Mafalda Vasconcelos for Drawfor.org

FIVE | DrawFor.org

100% of profits from prints sold through DrawFor.org go to their listed cause. They sell £20 A3 prints, with current profits going to either NHS Charities Together or Stand Up to Racism, depending on what you buy.  

Floral Prints from Desenio

SIX | Desenio

This is true instant art; the answer for those short on time. They’ll sell you a whole gallery wall, framed, and show you how to hang it. Such a brilliant idea... bet they do a roaring trade! 

Mikael Strøm for Paper Collective

SEVEN | Paper Collective

More limited edition prints, but this time it's a Danish company, so a different selection of artists. They're great value, and ship them, framed, to the UK for £9, regardless of how many you order. 

Simone Bodmer Turner

EIGHT | Instagram

It sounds obvious, but spend some time on Instagram finding artists you like, and don't be afraid to approach them directly. Some will be represented by galleries so will put you in touch with them, but lots will sell directly. Some I ogle after are Caroline Popham (that was one of her's at the top of this email), Simone Bodmer Turner (pictured above), Kristen Giorgi and the Moroccan studio Lrnce. 

Pretty in Print

NINE | Pretty in Print

A great site for children's bedrooms or playrooms. You can pick by theme and choose the size and frame you need. Excellent (or terrible...) if you suffer from Aunt Disease and can't stop buying presents for your nieces/nephews. 

Vintage Poster at Made.com

TEN | Made.com

This is a surprising one! Made.com make furniture, but they have small range of great vintage posters, and what they call "wall sculpture". I love this old Nasa print.


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