A Closer Look at our Lacquer Bowls

A Closer Look at our Lacquer Bowls

Did you know that these lacquer bowls take 100 days to make?

They are a true labour of love. And boy are they beautiful. Here's their story.

Lacquer and Eggshell Bowl


The Makers

Meet Kyaw Kyaw and Pu Pu

They're the youngest generation in a family who have been making lacquer for years. Everybody is involved: aunts, uncles, granny, grandpa, cousins...

Kyaw Kyaw and Pu Pu


The Whole Family
Lacquer Making Family

Where they live

They live in Old Bagan, where lacquer has historically been made for years. This is their family house. Weirdly, the lacquer sap actually comes from Shan State, but the craft has always been done here.

The Family House

The Process

Stage One - Prepping the Bamboo

The skeleton of the bowls is made from bamboo, so first lengths of bamboo are stripped into thin ribbons.

Stripping the bamboo

Stage Two - Making the Frame

The bamboo is fed into a spiral and tightly wound to make the structure for the bowl.

Bamboo Frame
Winding bamboo


Stage Three - The Clay Layer

The bamboo is covered in a layer of clay to make a smooth surface for the lacquer to sit on.

The Clay Layer


Stage Four - The Lacquer Layers

A layer of lacquer is applied using a finger. It then dries for a week. Then a second layer goes on, which dries for another week. Then a third, fourth, fifth... up to fourteen layers! That's fourteen weeks...

The lacquer layers

Lacquer dip


















Lacquer layers

Stage Five - The Eggshell Layer

Duck egg shell is laid onto the lacquer piece by piece, crushed into place using a finger, and fixed down with glue.

Eggshell Layer

The Final Product

The most exquisite bowls, in two different finishes and two sizes. They are true works of art. Put them on a console table with pine cones in them, or mount them on the wall.

Eggshell finish
Lacquer Bowls
Wall mounted lacquer bowl


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