The ONE THING to buy for Father's Day

The ONE THING to buy for Father's Day

We're just suggesting one thing for Father's Day:

The Orwell Shoe Horn

I'll be honest with you, I thought this was a bit of a rogue product when we launched. Who even uses a shoehorn?

Just try it, said my husband. They're beautiful. You never see such long ones anywhere else. And men will love them. much as it galls me to admit it, he was absolutely right (on this occasion). This was one of our first products, and since day one has been a bestseller.

So why do people love them?

1 - They feel amazing

They're smooth, quite heavy, and swing very satisfyingly when dangled.

2 - They're extremely good looking

They're made of Burmese Black Walnut, which is an exceptionally beautiful wood. It has lovely swirls and patterns in it, and a very deep colour.

3 - They're extraordinarily versatile

Reported uses include: corridor cricket bat, very long spoon, amaryllis support, wall decoration (suggest a group of 3), something beautiful to occupy the empty hook by the door, advanced balancing challenge for posture improvement. Oh, and putting on one's shoes or boots without having to bend down.

Long shoe horn

So you're onto a winner with one of these for Fathers' Day. New dads need something to post chocolate into their tired co-parents' mouths. Middle-aged dads will appreciate the texture of the wood and the workmanship. Latter-aged dads might actually find them very useful.

It really is the one thing you should buy. 

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Here's what our customers say about them:

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And our personal favourite:

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Couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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