Home Truths: 10 Ways to Fill your Walls Without Breaking the Bank

Home Truths: 10 Ways to Fill your Walls Without Breaking the Bank

Wall Hacks

One day, my walls will be full of Auerbach, and Hepworth, and Ben Nicholson, and Henry Moore. 

But in the meantime, they're full of things that give me joy, and and some sneaky tricks.

Here are 10 ways to fill your walls without a million pounds in the bank. 

1 - Hang Fabric

ONE | Hang Fabric

If you find a piece of fabric that you love, and aren't sure what to do with it, hang it on your wall. You can buy hoops and clips from Ikea, and a matte black steel tube from an ironmonger. Instant showpiece! This is from Uzbekistan, but you can buy beautiful Suzanis on Ebay. 

2 - Frame Books

TWO | Frame Pretty Books

These are from a second hand book stall in Yangon. Sadly my Burmese isn't good enough to devour the contents, but they look great in a frame! 

3 - Copy Art

THREE | Copy Art You Love

There's a Brazilian artist called Mira Schendel whose works I adore, but sadly most of her works are in MoMA, not on my walls. However, mix some gouache and chalk with some Hobby Craft frames and a total lack of pride and tada!.. You have your own version..

4 - Get someone else to copy art

FOUR | Get Somebody Who Can Actually Paint to Copy Art You Love

If creativity is not your middle name, get somebody else to copy your favourite paintings. This is an incredibly close copy of a work by Michael Andrews, painted by a super talented friend.

5 - Antique Mirror

FIVE - Make an Antique Mirror

This is an old abandoned picture frame, with some brand new antique-effect mirror. Total cost: £180. You can get old frames on Ebay (or if you're lucky, by wandering down Jermyn Street at about 6pm when the rubbish is going out), and there's a great company called Preedy Glass who make antiqued venetian mirrored glass. 

6 - Book Wall

SIX | Make your Bookshelves into Art

A simple, strong set of bookshelves in a neutral colour will allow your books to be art in themselves. Nestle in your nick nacks around the books - more is more...

7 - Hang Plates

SEVEN | Hang Plates

Some plates are too pretty to eat off. Hang them on the wall instead. You can buy special plate hangers online, or in most ironmongers.

8 - Hang Fabric

EIGHT | Frame Fabric

If a piece of fabric is too small to hang, frame it. I'd go for a simple white mount and wooden frame to let the fabric be the main event. If you're hanging it in direct sunlight, use UV filtered glass to protect it from fading.

9 - Hang Hats

NINE | Wall-Mount Your Hat Collection

A. They look fab, B. easy access if you are going through a hat phase. These are sitting on hidden hard-wall hooks. 

10 - Map Wall

TEN | Make a Map Wall

You've seen it before, but it's so effective. They don't have to be special maps. You can buy reproduction vintage maps on wrapping paper for about £3. Add a Habitat frame and you've got a huge wall map for under £10.

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