Mandalay Marble Collection

Marble is a big deal in Burma. And an especially big deal in the town named after the stuff just north of Mandalay. Sagyin, meaning “marble” in Burmese, is the home of the marble trade in Burma. Over 80% of households in the village work with marble. They mine it, carve it, use it as toothpaste, soap and lipstick. The stone is prized for its beauty, hardness and varied texture.

This is a collection which has been four years in the making. But really that’s only right, given that the material is hundreds of thousands of years old, and the trade is as old as time. As ever, we have produced these products incredibly slowly, by hand, to last a lifetime. 

Each piece clearly shows the manual work of the makers. You can see where the chisel has worked down the middle of the toothbrush cup. Where the pestle and mortar has been hand-finished. It’s been a long time coming, and we hope will become a long-loved part of your home.