Your Kalinko: What's InYa Bowls!

Your Kalinko: What's InYa Bowls!

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We wanted to see What was Inya Bowls...

And you showed us! 

What's Inya Bowl Entries

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing. We squealed with joy in the office every time one came in. 

Now to the important bit...


The Winner!

As you know, this was a competition. The prize: £200 of Kalinko Vouchers.

We called upon some avid Kalinko fans, who have no affiliation to Kalinko, to be the judges.

The criteria? We said "the winning entry might be the best looking photo, the most original use of the bowl or the one that makes us smile the most".

Over to the esteemed panel, Henriette, Kiira and Emilie:



And they chose....


Esme's Barbie Bowl

"We unanimously picked the Barbie Living Room Inya Bowl! It's so cool and creative and different, so well done to whoever came up with that idea."



So well done to Esme (and to her mum, Tracey, owner of the bowl, who will no doubt be involved in how to spend the prize!)


Thank you to everyone who took part! 


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1 comment

Shirley Ingham
Shirley Ingham

Brilliant idea to have that competition – am tossing up between an inya bowl and an inle tray … in mint ! X

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