Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

Connecting talented people to new markets: A Carpenter and his Chair

Above is Lin Tin and that is his chair.

The chair was three years in the making. We knew right back when we started Kalinko, that we'd need to have a chair like this. You see, they're all over Burma. In homes, outside homes, in waiting rooms, in art galleries, on pavements. We knew it had to be perfect: beautifully made and designed to last a long, long time.

Read all about how we got there here.

Old chair in YangonIt took us a while to find Lin Tin. The first time we met, we spent a long time discussing form and function. Beauty and structure. Smooth mechanisms and moulding. He was our guy. Precise, passionate, a true artist.

We only made 5 first time round. Would it sell? Would it be too expensive? Would people respond well to it?

Well it did, and they did.

Lin Tin's chair is a triumph, and when we restocked last week, we sold out in 9 hours.

Rangoon Chair

Rangoon Chair

Rangoon Chair

We were pretty gobsmacked. Thrilled that they're sought after, but sad for the people that missed out. We quickly upped our re-order with Lin Tin, who's hard at work making more for our next shipment.

He's pretty chuffed too. It's really difficult and prohibitively expensive to get products out of Burma to international buyers, so that's where we come in.

Lin Tin's Instagram Posts

And this is why we do what we do. To get amazing products from talented people to homes where they'll be loved and cherished. No middlemen. Straight from them to you.

Direct to Maker Model


Want to preorder a chair?

They'll be back in November. If you'd like to preorder one, just email Olivia at hello@kalinko.com, and she'll sort it out for you.

Or if you'd just like to be told when they're back, click on the "Email me when this is back in stock" button bottom right of the product page. 



See the Rangoon Chair

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