INTRODUCING The Kindred Club

INTRODUCING The Kindred Club

We've launched a loyalty club!


kindred, n. and adj.

noun - a group of persons related to another; family, tribe, or clan.

adjective - having the same belief, attitude, or feeling



Primarily, this is a place for us to say thank you to our most loyal customers. But more than that, it’s a way for us to share more with you, to show you behind the scenes of Kalinko, to get you involved in the design process, and learn what really makes you tick. Think of it as being inside the Kalinko Home: one of the family.


Sounds fun... but what does it mean in practice?

It means that once you’ve shopped at Kalinko a few times, you’ll start getting cool stuff. You’ll be the first to know when things are back in stock, be able to shop new collections before anybody else, and have access to Kindred Club only sales.

The more you spend, the more fun it will be… birthday presents, monthly draws for Kalinko goodies, random surprises and exclusive events. This is the gateway to the inside track: to creative forums when we’re designing new products, to insider news and exclusive content when we’ve got something special to share with you.


Awesome! So how does it work?

Well, like other loyalty clubs, there are three tiers: Friends, Cousins and Siblings. Friends have spent £250 with us over the years, Cousins have spent £500 and Siblings have spent £1000. As soon as you hit the threshold, we’ll send you an email to let you know - you don’t have to do anything. And unlike other loyalty programmes, we won’t kick you out. Once you’re in, you’re in.


Ok... so the big Q - am I in the club?!

If you've spent over £250 with us, yup you're in! If this is the case, you'll get an email later today welcoming you to the club.

And if you haven't, as soon as you hit that threshold, we'll automatically add you to the club and send you more info.

Come and join! It will be fun..



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