Top Tips for Tiny Bathrooms

Top Tips for Tiny Bathrooms

A friend asked me once where on earth you're meant to put the sink in a tiny bathroom (hello Haz 👋🏼). Working out the magic science behind fitting in a shower, loo and sink, let alone a bath, into a tiny space either needs advanced Tetris skills, or some advice from the pros.

In the absence of the former, I've reached out to some of my favourite interiors pals for the latter.

Here's the scoop...


ONE | Octavia Dickinson

Octavia Dickinson Bathroom

Octavia says, "This bathroom wasn’t the nicest. I rotated the bath so it ran along the window which actually made much better use of the space, removed the horrid glass and instead made a cafe curtain for privacy, so not blocking any light. I don’t like a room to ever be too “pretty” and so here I used slate to add a slight masculinity."

Photo by Rachel Whiting for House and Garden.


TWO | Sarah Peake

Studio Peake Bathroom

Sarah explained, "I relish a challenge and often it is the smaller rooms – like a tiny guest loo – in a project that pose the hardest design questions. You need to be clever to make full use of the space, especially with storage. Clever planning of your sanitary ware can save you space. Wall mounted taps often mean the basin doesn’t need to take up so much depth for example. Counter-intuitively, it also pays to go for larger patterns or clever paint work in smaller rooms as this can make the room feel bigger than it is." / @studiopeake


THREE | Edward Bulmer

Edward Bulmer Cuisse

Edward is a paint guru, so I asked him specifically about colour. He said "even a small bathroom can take a big colour, but I would do it in the tiles or curtains rather than the walls. Mid to light colours will work best so that there can be times when the daylight can fill the room, by bouncing around the walls. My favourite at the moment is Cuisse de Nymph Emu – it is bright and sensual without being over fragrant."



And if it's the tiny details you're after...

Kalinko Bathroom Accessories


Pssst.... we're out of stock of lots of things (read THIS to find out why!), but bare with us because the new stock is due in our warehouse in a few weeks' time. Just click on "email me when this is back in stock" at the bottom right of the page of the product that you're after, and you'll get an automatic email when it's back! 


A peek inside a Kalinko bathroom

Kalinko customer bathroom

This is Karen's bathroom. Karen has been a Kalinko customer for several years, and recently sent us these gorgeous pictures of her incredibly soothing bathroom. THANK YOU Karen - it's so beautiful!


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