Sometimes Simple is Best

Sometimes Simple is Best

White home accessories can be exactly what you need

Anyone who has followed Kalinko for more than five seconds knows that we're very into colour. We love brightness and joy and pockets of punch for our homes.

But sometimes...just sometimes, a simple white something does the trick. It's like the introvert in your university seminar who doesn't say much, but whatever they do say is extremely insightful. Or the quieter half of a couple who allows the louder one to lead, but cradles them when they crumble. (On this, if you haven't read Quiet by Susan Cain, I highly recommend it).

This is why we make most of our classic shapes in white. They're very important to us as part of the family.

White home accessories





While you're here... it's QUIZ TIME

As always happens when we get stuck into writing a blog post, we got totally carried away wondering whether you guys are more into colour or a classic finish (then, as usual, spent way too long crunching numbers and making a snazzy gif to go with it).

What do you reckon? Do you think most of our customers go for colourful products, or are you more of a classic bunch?

Here's the scoop:


 Kalinko Colour Wheel

We looked at the products which we sell in more than one colour (across the range, not just in rattan, so this includes glassware, cushions and fabrics too), and totted up which you end up buying. 

30% of you choose chic, classic brown.

26% of you check out with simple, clean white.

10% of you choose a natural finish.

Which means 34% of parcels that leave our warehouse take the more colourful nuggets to homes around the world.

Goes to show..... you can't beat a classic!






Ps. If you're not sure if you're more of a colourful or classic person, have a look at this blog post from last year



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