5 tips for revamping your working-from-home space

5 tips for revamping your working-from-home space

Remember the days when working from home was the privilege of the few? When we longed to roll from bed, through toast and tea into our desk chairs, without the honk of a bus or clack of a shoe on pavement? When the ability to whip up a quick spaghetti alle vongole for your working lunch was just not an option?

Well here we are, in week 12 of lockdown, all living that long sought-after dream. Over 60 working days of no shoes. 60 days of zoom calls. 60 days of living in a fusion of our home and work lives.

And for lots of us, it really has been a dream. But plenty of people are ready to return to reality and go back to the office. They’re craving the energy of their colleagues, the silly faces from behind computers, the humble Pret sandwich. But that is probably a while off yet, so whether you’re loving it, or tiring of your own company, maybe give your home office a spruce and see how it affects your mind. Try one, or all five of the below work zone tweaks, and fall back in love with working from home. 


ONE | Find some pretty natural light

Watch where the light falls in your home throughout the day and set up work near a place where you can watch it move. There is nothing more soothing than watching shifting shadows and dancing light. If you can, set up your desk outside, or somewhere where the light will fall directly on it. But if that doesn’t work, even having it in your eyesight is relaxing.

Home work space

TWO | Put cucumber in your water

Fill up a water jug each morning, add cucumber and put it in the fridge. It’s delicious, very pretty floating your glass, and an easy lift for your mood. It also makes you feel like you’ve done yoga that morning, even if you haven’t.


THREE | Treat yourself to fresh flowers for your desk

If you have a beautiful garden, this bit’s easy. But if you don’t, there are wonderful people who will send gorgeous seasonal bunches through your letterbox. At Bloom & Wild you can choose between a one-off bunch, monthly, fortnightly or even weekly bunches, and given that we aren’t spending a penny on commuting, they’re basically free (this is what I tell myself!). There is honestly nothing nicer to receive in the post, and they perk up your desk for over a week. The peonies also smell totally delicious. You’ll be desperate to spend as much time as possible on your laptop just to be near them.


FOUR | Buy a nice notebook and use a pencil 

I absolutely swear by the ones from Rollo London. They’re a giant leap up from anything you can buy on the high street, but cheaper than the really snazzy ones. Birmingham Stationary also have beautiful options, and you can choose the paper stock which is fun. And the pencil part may seem odd, but the sound of pencil on paper is very comforting, and you get to sharpen it quite often which is deeply satisfying.


FIVE | Have something that inspires you within reach

We all have lulls in the day where our concentration lapses. Make sure the thing that you reach for is something that always gives you a little boost. Maybe a coffee table book of art you love, or a place you long to go to. Five minutes flicking through this will make you much happier than scrolling through Instagram.


So there you have it. Five easy tweaks which will help you want to spend more time at your desk while working from home. For lots of us, it may be the way we work for the foreseeable, so allow yourself the little joys.

Bloom & Wild flowers in the breeze


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