The Making of our Strand Ice Bucket

The Making of our Strand Ice Bucket

The Strand Ice Bucket was one of our first ever products at Kalinko. 

We've sold over 1000 of them since we launched, and every time we restock, they fly out of our warehouse.

If you're wondering why they're so popular, watch this video of them being made...

Watch our ice bucket being made

They're incredibly carefully woven, very beautiful and totally unique.

Over the years we've made them in 10 different colours, from bright pink to mustard, but this is the core team:
Core Ice buckets 2

Here's what our customers say about them:


Ice bucket review
Ice bucket review 2
Ice bucket review 3


Long story short, they're a winner every time. Great wedding presents. Great anytime presents. Great presents for yourself...



Ps. There are two amazing, very limited edition colours launching in a few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.... they won't hang around for long!

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