Yangon Post: Issue Three | Spring/Summer 2021

Yangon Post: Issue Three | Spring/Summer 2021

This issue was supposed to come out in February. It was going to coincide with the end of four long months of empty warehouse shelves as our COVID-delayed container finally steamed into Southampton. Intended as a joyful celebration of Burma, it was going to tell the stories of the people and places behind your products, and help ignite a mental spark to the far-east every time you use them.

However, just as we were about to press print, we paused as the news of the military taking control unfolded across Burma. Day after day the news got darker and darker, life in Burma became more and more fragile, and we and our makers found ourselves in hiatus, wondering what would happen next. We were no longer sure about telling these stories; which ones to choose? How to tell them?

We are now five months on and while the future remains very uncertain, we have regrasped how to function in the present. After our third long period with an empty warehouse in 12 months, we’re back in action and thanks to customers like you, our products are once again heading around the world to their new homes. With the proceeds, we are placing new orders every day with our makers and providing some continuity through the chaos.

Crucially, our mission hasn’t changed. If anything, it has been reinforced. We are absolutely committed to supporting our makers; if they can’t be sure of whether their friends and family will be safe tomorrow, at least they can keep making their products, and know that Kalinko will continue to buy them regardless of the political situation.

The people and places beyond the headlines and behind our products are still there, and so are their stories. We have decided to keep telling them. Starting now.

Send us an email at hello@kalinko.com if you'd like a copy, and we'll send you one for free! If not, we'll pop one in your next order, or you can read a digital copy HERE

Sophie x

Yangon Post Issue 3


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