Kalinko Living: Our Netflix Picks

Kalinko Living: Our Netflix Picks

Pet hate: scrolling on Netflix. It’s unbearable… you KNOW there are a thousand things you will love, but somehow can’t find any of them.

Well we’ve done the hard work for you this month, with 24 hours of viewing choices made for you.

Curl up amongst your Kalinko cushions, grab your Kalinko bedspread, feet up on your Kalinko coffee table, and press play...


Dirty John

John Meehan was an ordinary guy. A great guy actually – an anaesthetist in Iraq. Except that he wasn’t. And he wasn’t ordinary at all. He was the creepiest, most despicable, lying, murdering psychopath of our time.

We defy you not to binge this 8-parter based on the podcast that swept the world in 2017. This ENTIRELY TRUE story follows the whirlwind romance of a seemingly normal shiny couple, and the astonishing truth that unfolds beneath the pretence.

The branding which makes it look like a cross between 50 Shades of Grey and Silence of the Lambs, is spot on. Throw in some Big Little Lies and you’re there.

Our advice: start early on a weekend with nothing planned. You’ll be pinned to this one from your morning cuppa to your evening pizza. Buy some throat lozenges too; you’ll be doing a lot of screaming at the telly.


Russian Doll

It’s difficult to explain this one. It’s best to just go with it and trust that it’s BRILLIANT.

The first episode is a bit of a slow burner, but with each instalment only 25 minutes long, you’ll rattle through all eight in an evening. Expect to be confused for the first 20 minutes, but push through, as the moment you understand what’s going on you’ll be fighting for Natasha Lyonne’s character to make it out alive...literally.

It’s a mystery show with multiple-timeline plots that will challenge you to piece together the narratives. It moves quickly, starting as a story of one and ending satisfyingly as a story of two.

Brilliant characters, banging soundtrack, bonkers concept. We loved it so much we’d watch it again, and again, and again, and again...


Sex Education

If Russian Doll has got your head spinning, dial down the pressure with Sex Education. This is a wonderful, progressive, optimistic and honest look at teenage sex lives. It has all the constructs of a teen movie with its high school hallways and varsity jackets, but with a hefty dinner-lady slop of English accents and pop-culture references (Wotsits get lots of airtime).

This is American cool meets English realism. 
It follows a geeky teen who is the reluctant son of a successful sex therapist, and will have you howling with laughter and squirming at the relatable parts of the story line (not the the sex-expert mother bit...we didn’t have one of those).

It won’t be an intellectual challenge, but it’s easy and fun, and you’ll love it enough to be excited about series 2 which is slated for early 2020.


Haunting of Hill House

This one requires full attention and dedication. It’s for the thrill-hunters, and is packed with many a jump scare so we’d advise tea-on-floor not tea-in-hand.

Based on the 1959 Shirley Jackson novel, it follows the five Crain siblings wrestling with skeletons from their childhood, and reliving time spent in the super creepy Hill House, an eerie Gothic manor house straight out of Turn of the Screw.

Now you have to focus: the storyline forces you to take things apart, maybe even rewind a bit to make sure you got it right. But the payoff comes in the final few episodes when the questions start to be answered.


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