Kalinko Living: Mother's Day

Kalinko Living: Mother's Day

Remember that feeling of being tucked into bed by your Mama when you were little? Remember how safe and special she made you feel? Remember how lucky you are to have her?

Well, if yours is anything like ours, it's the little things that she really cares about. Here's how we're going to tell her she's the best next Sunday.


ONE | Make this for her

Desert Island Dishes Slump Cake

This is the easiest, most delicious pudding you will ever make. It only has 5 ingredients! The recipe comes from the culinary magician that is Margie of Desert Island Dishes. Sign up to her brilliant newsletter and she'll send you the recipe, and listen to her fantastic food-lover's podcast while you're at it.


TWO | Help her in the garden

Help her in the Garden

It's time to plant the flowers that will come up in the summer, like Agapanthus, Gladioli and Dahlias, which is a lovely excuse to spend a few hours chewing the cud together in the garden.


THREE | Watch Tully with her


From the people behind Juno, Tully came out last year and is a brilliant, honest story about motherhood. 


FOUR | Give her something lovely

Kalinko Mother's Day Edit

This is where we come in. Most of our makers are mothers, and when we sell things, we order more straight away so that we can keep the shelves full. So if you choose something from Kalinko for your mum, you'll very likely be directly helping a mother over here in Burma. 

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