Kalinko Living: Christmas Playlist

Kalinko Living: Christmas Playlist

Despite Burma being a 90% Buddhist country, Christmas has arrived in Yangon in force. Creepy saxophone-playing Father Christmases are wiggling their hips in every shop window, and xylophone-based Christmas tunes are pinky-ponkying through the halls of the shopping malls. This is all rather odd in 30 degree heat, and doesn't quite generate the frisson of festive excitement that you might get walking down Piccadilly Arcade on a cold, crisp December day.

So we've been creating our own Christmas vibe in the office with our Kalinko Christmas Playlist. It's a classical one, for that classic Christmas feel. Don't get me wrong, I love a dose of Wham, but assuming that you've had plenty since Christmas arrived in London in August, I thought an hour of something classical might be welcome. 


Sophie xxx

Kalinko Classical Christmas Playlist


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