Your Kalinko: DeLIGHTful Lampshades

Your Kalinko: DeLIGHTful Lampshades

Rattan lampshades have been all the rage for months now, and for good reason: they look amazing, they're natural, sustainable, they cast a warm light... there are so many reasons to love them.

But so often they have big gaps in the rattan which can be a bit stark on your eyes. So we designed ours to hide the lightbulb, and let the light filter through gently.

And people seem to love having these little rays of warm Burmese light in their homes, which are quickly becoming a best-seller for us.

Here's how some of you have expertly styled them. SUCH cosy corners, ready to hunker down in for the winter. 

Our Asho Empire Lampshade in @etalageuk's home

@etalageuk recently tagged us in this lovely picture which is very exciting, a) because they have made our lampshade look so gorgeous and b) because we now know about their amazing company which sells beautiful prints and paintings at accessible prices. See ya later bank balance... 

Our Asho Pendant Lampshade in Large in Jools' house

Jools has perfectly embraced the 70s look, complete with our Asho Pendant Lampshade. So jazzy.

Our Asho Empire Lampshade in Rebecca's Kitchen

Rebecca's cosy kitchen is the perfect home for our Asho Empire lampshade. I bet literally hundreds of cups of tea have been cradled on that stripy sofa. Love that lamp base too!

Our Asho Pendant in Sarah's sitting room

Our super creative pal Sarah snapped up our Asho Pendant in our Wonky Sale, but you'd never know it had a slightly squiffy neck. We love that she has given it such a happy home!

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