7 Top Tips for Lonely Corners

7 Top Tips for Lonely Corners

Christmas can be lonely for some. So we're here to make sure there are no lonely corners at home. You know the ones... full of potential, but currently a dumping ground for the box the hoover came in, or six pairs of shoes.

Here are seven ways to make them shine:


ONE | A Giant Plant

Plant Corner

A big old pal to bring life to even the dullest of corners. Go to this old blog post to work out which plant to buy, then head over to Patch Plants to buy it. And if you need a planter, we have a really beautiful rattan one, big enough for a 10 litre pot. 


TWO | Corner Shelves

Book Corner

More books are better in my book, and a lonely corner is the perfect place to store them. They look great too. If you need some inspiration for what to fill the shelves with, here are some recommendations from earlier in the year. 


THREE | Make it useful

Useful CornerPut a lonely corner to good use and store umbrellas, walking sticks and your giant Kalinko shoe horns in it. We have a beautiful rattan umbrella holder if you need help with that.


FOUR | Picture Wall

Picture WallA lonely corner covered in pictures isn't lonely any more. Mix up styles, colours and frame types. And for more ideas on what to hang, have a scoot down this old blog post about how to fill your walls without breaking the bank.


FIVE | Reading Corner

Reading Corner

When you run out of Christmas Party steam, winter evenings are all about curling up with a book. Turn a lonely corner into a reading nook. We've got the perfect chair for it, if you need a shade for your angle lamp, we've got that covered too


SIX | Tiny Dressing Table

Tiny Dressing Table

Always wanted a grownup dressing table, but no space? Well your lonely corner could be it. A big mirror will make it look huge, then all you need is a floating shelf and a stool which fits underneath. Have a look at our large Kalaya stools which are perfect for the job.


SEVEN | Secret Bar

Secret Bar

Go all out and install a secret bar in your lonely corner. We wrote all about how to do it earlier this year. We've also got the awesome glasses and ice bucket you'll need to fill it. 

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