Kalinko Living: Three ways to nail Valentine's Day without leaving Home

Kalinko Living: Three ways to nail Valentine's Day without leaving Home

I have a fear of a table for two, in a dimly-lit restaurant, with a single-stem rose putting a thousand metaphorical miles between me and my date.

Why put yourself through the stress if you can celebrate your loved ones without leaving home? Here are my tips for a cosy, home-grown Valentine's Day. 

Breakfast in Bed


Valentine's Day is a Wednesday, so you can't lounge around all day, but plan ahead, maybe get up 10 minutes earlier, and you can squeeze in something a bit special. Make your breakfast on Tuesday night (I love this recipe from 26 Grains). Have flowers delivered to yourself the day before (my favourite are Petalon). Get yourself the world's most beautiful tray to carry it all on, then all you have to do on the morning is brew the coffee.

Plants on Pedals


Roses are wayyyy too obvious, and a bit transient. Here's a better idea: buy a hyacinth plant  in a round pot from a supermarket on your way home this week, order a Kanbalu planter from us (any time before midday on Monday) and on Wednesday, get the dudes at Pedals to drop it off for you. Original, beautiful, sustainable and much longer-lasting than roses.

Cosy Night In


Some candles, a warming wintery ragu (this one is delicious), and some smart new placemats to give it a sense of occasion, and you're done. Here's a great playlist to put on during supper. Then a film. A feel-good, nothing too soppy. Sing Street is just the ticket. 

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