Home Truths: So-Fa So Good...

Home Truths: So-Fa So Good...


...but we can help you do better with our 5 Sofa Styling Hacks!

Sofa styling?! Yes, it’s a thing. A thing quite close to our hearts in fact. Your sofa is your big-ticket item, the Queen of the sitting room. You’ve probably spent weeks agonizing over styles and fabrics, and will hopefully spend many years enjoying its comforts. So sink into that handsome sofa of yours and enjoy our sofa-styling hacks....

Kalinko Sofa

ONE - Cushions

As you can imagine we’re subscribers to the “more is more” philosophy when it comes to cushions; we don’t go in for the matchy-matchy hotel vibe. However, there is a trick to getting that artfully just-thrown-together look: 

1. When mixing prints and patterns, think carefully about your colour palette. To keep it cohesive, stick to two or three key colours picked out from other elements in the room.

2. Mix up the size, shape and texture – buying in pairs stops cushions looking lost and spare. But…

3. Too much symmetry can looked contrived – 2:2:1 is a good ratio for a bed or small sofa.

4. Cushions should be plump and if possible stuffed full of natural fibres (and for all your cushion pad needs look no further than here).

Cushion Mix - Photo Courtesy Pinterest

TWO - Rugs & Throws

Rugs and throws are wonderful, not just for covering up red wine stains, but also for bringing colours from the rest of the room together, adding texture and giving your sofa a seasonal twist. Think sheepskin and mohair in winter, and woven cotton and linen in the summer. Hey presto, new sofa.

Rugs & Throws

THREE - Removable Covers

These are a godsend, not just as an insurance policy against sticky fingers and sofa-suppers, but also for updating your sofa when you inevitably tire of it. Ask a local upholsterer to make some washable loose covers for your sofa with Velcro fastenings.

Aspen Sofa from Sofa.com with Loose Cover

FOUR - Side Tables

Ideally your sofa will be flanked by perfectly proportioned side tables, which should sit 5-10 cm below the arm of your sofa, ready to take the strain out of your cup of tea. If your sofa is in the centre of the room, a side board along the back will anchor it.

Side Table

FIVE - Coffee Tables & Ottomans

Coffee tables and ottomans should be no more than 5 cm higher or lower that the seat of your sofa, and look best piled high with books you might one day read (the Japanese have a word for this), and trays to keep pesky wayward items like remote controls and matches safe and chic.

Coffee Tables & Ottomans

Et voila! Your sofa is Instagram-ready, cross-seasonal and armed for boxset binges and runaway baked beans.

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Thanks Anne! Glad you found it useful!

Anne Creasey
Anne Creasey

Love the interiors! Lots of good ideas – thanks

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