Kalinko Living: Last of the Summer Wine

Kalinko Living: Last of the Summer Wine

It has finally happened: the sun has stopped shining. After what feels like the longest, hottest, Summer on record, you could be forgiven for thinking those glorious, balmy, sun-drenched days would just never end. And while it is not truly over yet, the change in weather is already making us nostalgic. Here’s what we’re eating, reading and doing in a bid to eke out the last of the Summer wine.

Panzanella - Jamie Oliver

ONE - Making Panzanella

Making panzanella. After a full three months of life-giving sunshine, it’s a bumper year for tomatoes, and they are at their sweetest and juiciest right now. We’re eating them by the kilo and our favourite way to make use of this delicious glut (and the stale bread ends lurking at the bottom of the bread bin) is panzanella. Jamie, as always, has a great recipe. We like ours with pan-fried halloumi, and we’ll be serving it in with our Minshin Salad Servers.

Multi-Hyphen Method


With September around the corner, we’ve got that back-to-school feeling. Emma Gannon’s brilliant new book, The Multi-Hyphen Method has got us thinking in a whole new way about how we define our careers. It’s a celebratory manifesto for working in the 21st century, that champions the jack-of-all-trades and the art of the side-hustle – which is of course how Kalinko started out. 

Buy it here.

Make More Festival


And on the subject of new starts, we’ll be checking out the brilliant new Make More festival in Victoria Park over the Bank Holiday weekend. This is a “festival for your hands” showcasing all different kinds of making, under the guidance of some of the country’s most talented makers. Celebrating arts and crafts is a subject dear to our hearts, and we are always on the lookout for a new crafty hobby to drag us away from the box sets when the evenings start drawing in. Get tickets here.

Armed Angels Denim Jacket


Shopping for Autumn, which might include this inter-seasonal classic Armed Angels denim jacket from our favourite sustainable fashion store, The Keep Boutique. Perfect for chilly evenings and fresh Autumn days and designed to be worn, loved and treasured forever, which is just how we like things.


Summer Essentials

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