Doorstep Treats - Part II

Doorstep Treats - Part II

Last week we asked you to nominate somebody who could do with a pick-me-up. Somebody who's finding life particularly hard. Somebody who needs to know that they're valued and that you're thinking about them.

We were overwhelmed by nominations. We had planned to just send out things we'd over-ordered, or where we had random one-off pieces of stock left unsold.

But as the stories kept coming in, we realised it was going to be a much, much bigger project.

We ended up sending blankets to people having chemo. Planters to people needing something lovely to look at. Placemats to people who deserve to feel special when they stop and sit down, perhaps only once a day, or once a week. Handwoven doorstops to people who need a little nugget of joy to make them smile every time they walk past it. Chopping Boards for people who need a distraction from whatever's bringing them down...

We wanted to share some of the incredible stories that made us want to send out something to everyone that wrote in. Here they are, with anything identifying redacted. 

We’ve sadly now run out of special things to send to special people, but if YOU want to send somebody something to cheer them up, we're giftwrapping and writing handwritten notes with every order that asks for it during this pandemic. Just pop a note in the box at checkout with your message, and letting us know you'd like beautiful wrapping.

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