Doorstep Treats

Doorstep Treats

There was a really thoughtful leading article in The Times on Saturday. It told us how, through all the sadness and bleakness of this pandemic, people are coming together in a way they haven’t for years. The young are really looking out for the old. People who have never met their neighbours are feeling bold enough to say hi across their balconies on Thursday evenings at 8pm. Technophobes are cracking video calling and feeling more connected than ever. People are returning to the high street. Nature is getting the breather it so badly needs. 

The obvious tragedy is so huge, it’s difficult to get your head round, but it is possible to focus on the silver linings, and to do something positive for somebody else.

We’ve been inspired by some pyjama pals of ours, who did this last week, to do a little giveaway. Sometimes we buy too much of the stuff we love. So we’ve got some stock hanging around which needs a home, and would like to send it to somebody that needs cheering up. 

If you nominate somebody who could do with a treat on their doorstep this week, and tell us why they need a pick-me-up, we’ll send them something lovely, with a handwritten note from you. We haven’t got unlimited things to give, so will have to stop when we run out, but we’ll do as many as we can. 

Sophie x 

(sorry, but this is now closed! We sent out hundreds, but have run out of little gifts to give! See how it went here)

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