10 easy and cheap useful tips for isolation

10 easy and cheap useful tips for isolation

1 - Get an isolation buddy to learn Indian Head Massage and practice on you.

2 - Buy a Mr Grasshead. £4 of childhood joy.

3 - Make a homemade body scrub. Good way to get through the stuff at the back of the cupboard.

4 - Learn how to be a hairdresser, as none of us will be going to one any time soon. Success story here

5 - Press some flowers.

6 - Order some of these brownies, and send a batch to somebody else. We have no affiliation to them, but are devoted eaters.

7 - Join Masterclass, or browse through the free courses you can do online from Ivy League Universities. 

8 - Become a twitcher.

9 - Subscribe to the Puzzle Club.

10 - Re-read Matilda. It is totally magical.


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