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Your Kalinko: Inside your cosy Kalinko homes this winter

Your Kalinko: Inside your cosy Kalinko homes this winter

Well here we are in the depths of winter. Snowy showers, icy underfoot, a cold start to Wednesday, says the weatherman. Thank goodness for delicious lentil stews, missed episodes of Les Miserables and a personal campaign to single-handedly keep independent bookshops alive. We are staying IN this winter! And it looks like you guys are too.

Here are our top picks of your Kalinko homes from the last few wintery weeks. Thank you all for sharing! 

Juliet Travers's Bedroom

How Juliet Travers ever gets out of this bed is a mystery to us all...but in the meantime we'll marvel over her beautiful bedhead and that lovely Kanbalu Planter

Inhabit Hotels

Have you read about the new Inhabit Hotel coming to London? It's going to be totally divine (and full of Kalinko cushions!). Time for a staycation?

Janet Hanson

Janet Hanson has styled our Asho Lampshade so beautifully. That lamp....! The beautiful roses were from her Sunday lunch guests. Can we come next time?!

Suszi Saunders

And another perfect winter retreat from Suszi Saunders. Turns out home is where the heart, and warmth, and crumpets, and baths, and long cosy evenings are. And what a smart bin in the corner... we're into beautiful basics, even for the forgotten corners. Thanks Suszi for showing us how it's done!

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