Kalinko Living: Top Tips for a Low-Key Valentine's

Kalinko Living: Top Tips for a Low-Key Valentine's

A week tomorrow is Valentine's Day. This is HUGE in Yangon. Think human-sized pink teddy bears, giant heart shaped boxes full of petals, poems crafted weeks in advance by adoring young hearts, checked for spelling and grammar by their bosses. It's big business over here.

At home, we're a more low-key bunch, but no less loving. Here are some ideas for spoiling your loved ones next Thursday.   

ONE | Good Looking Nosh


Take them out for some beautiful food. The food at new pop-up SLAW in Islington is the prettiest you'll ever eat. Book here. And remember to put your phone away once you've snapped it...!

TWO | Wine on Demand

Wanderlust Wine

Opt for a cosy night at home and have the wine delivered to your door. The guys at Wanderlust Wine deliver within an hour (in London... next day everywhere else).  Pair with something easy and tasty. I love this (and everything else) from Diana Henry.

THREE | Bunches of Beauty


I chased a girl down the road last week to find out where her armful of flowers came from. The answer was Calluna in Notting Hill. She has the most beautiful bunches out. And if you're not London-based, Grace & Thorn come in close second. 

FOUR | Long Weekend in a Log Cabin

Artist Residence

Make a long weekend of it and head to the country. Artist Residence's Shepherd's Hut in Oxfordshire is everything, with or without your loved ones. I'd be jussst fine in here with a pile of books and room service porridge. 

FIVE | Something Made with Love

Something Made with Love

This is where we come in. Whether you need your sofa to be cosier, a vase for your flowers, something special for the table, or a little gem of a present for your gem, we've got you covered. And it's all handmade with love. Can't get more romantic than that.

Shop for Him

Shop for Her

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