Your Kalinko: Fabric Focus

Your Kalinko: Fabric Focus

Kalinko Cushions are having a moment. These handwoven wonders are popping up in homes all over the place, bringing gorgeous little bursts of Burma to the cosy places in your lives. 
Here are our favourites. Thank you so much for sharing!:

Naga – Oversized Blue Rectangular Cushion Cover

More is more when it comes to cushions on the bed. We love how Lucy Ferber has styled our Naga Cushion Covers. We're obviously obsessed with her rattan bedside table too, and the incredible mustard bed. In fact...Lucy can we move in? 

Tinsa – Large Black and White Cushion Cover

Our Tinsa Cushion Cover sitting pretty on Amy Neason's chair in this pastel perfect room. We love how there are so many textures, but it still feels super calming.

Khami Cushion Cover | Red

Well this is fun! Sometimes you want to pick a colour and go with it in as many ways as you can. Spot our gorgeous little Khami Cushion Cover leading the charge. We're loving how effortlessly it fits into Alison Davidson's red array!

Katha Cushion Cover | Blue

This is a totally dreamy little setup. The only problem is how you would ever peel yourself out of bed. We love how the Wedding Present Company have paired our Katha Cushion, with the yellow bedspread and lamp. Such a pretty colour combo.

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