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Why we should all have lots of plants

Why we should all have lots of plants

And the planters to go with them

Back in August 2016, my friend Aurélia and I took over our friend Dustin’s flat in Yangon to photograph Kalinko’s inaugural collection. Aurélia is the most brilliant photojournalist, but had never shot product before. Dustin’s flat had never been a studio before. I had never done anything like this before.

We were all in the dark. And given how green we all were, I’m quite impressed with what we achieved - the website launched on time, with great looking shots, and flew off the shelves from day 1, so we must have got something right!

I often think of that day when i’m on set for our shoots these days, with the snazzy London studio, the lighting technicians, our amazing Art Director and seriously professional photographer. World’s (…well, continents!) away from where we started.

But there’s one thing that has never changed from shoot to shoot: plants. Tons of plants. We always have loads, in the shot, behind the shot, popping in and out of the shot. I love them for the life they bring, the movement they make, their calming influence.

Now I’m a terrible plant-mother. Really the very worst. I just can’t keep them alive. But there’s one plant from our very first shoot which despite my persistent neglect, will not die. It’s been my trusty side-kick for 4 years now, and continues to flourish and delight me at my desk. It’s a true miracle. It’s a Zamioculcas zamiifolia, also known as a ZZ plant, a Zanzibar gem or a Fern arum. Get one. It will make you feel like a green-fingered god. Here she is:

And let us help with a planter which will last for years and years and years, regardless of the number of plants who house in it.

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