This is not a drill

This is not a drill

As you read this, the Kalinko warehouse team are unloading our giant pink container. It creaked up to the door of our little Welsh warehouse at 9am this morning. Anyone who has been following our emails for the past five months will understand quite how momentous this feels. And anyone who hasn't can catch up here.

What happens next?

The team will unpack, quality check, sort and shelve everything. That's about 3400 items, so it will take them a few days (and a LOT of cups of tea).

As each item is scanned onto its shelf in the warehouse, it will magically become shoppable on our website. Anything that still says "out of stock" is waiting its turn in the queue. As each item is shelved, anybody who has signed up for a back in stock alert will get sent an email telling them the good news.

So if you've signed up for something, keep your eyes peeled on your inbox. And if you haven't signed up for anything yet, you've still got time. Dive into the container using the button below, and click on "email me when back in stock" for anything you're after. You'll get an email as soon as it's ready to shop*.

As lots of you know, these things don't hang around long. We make them in small batches, slowly, by hand, and when they're gone, it's sometimes a bit of wait until they're back again. So fingers on buzzers....

Take me inside the container


Take me inside the pink container

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