The Nimble Fingers Behind our Furniture

The Nimble Fingers Behind our Furniture

A closer look at the Stool and Bookshelf in our Kids Collection

The scoop behind our beautiful rattan furniture made for little people.

Stool Shot

The Story

Little rattan stools are absolutely everywhere in Burma. And not specifically for children: great philosophical debates happen on them in teashops, wedding feasts are prepared on them, and life lessons are given and learnt on them. In the West, we tend to sit a little higher up, but for little legs they're perfect (...although they're easily strong enough for flexible grownups!).

Then we wanted a bookshelf to go with it to fill a gap we'd been looking for ourselves: great looking, sustainably made, functional furniture for children. Small enough for little rooms, but big enough to do the job. Et voila! A perfect pair.

Classic Burmese Stool

Shelf Masonry

The Makers

Our rattan is all made near Pathein in south-west Burma by weavers who have been doing what they do for hundreds of years. As a result, they are seriously good at what they do. They use the chunky pieces of rattan cane from the base of the plant for the stool supports, and a thinner grade for the details and the shelves. Learn more about these magical weavers and their processes in this video.

Rattan weaver making our stool

Kids stool being made

The Final Products

A gorgeous little rattan stool for little people with big plans. They're light enough for kids to carry around, but strong enough for an adult to sit on. Ideal for colouring, reading and building dens.

And a beautiful handmade shelf for kids. Perfect for displaying treasures, from books and toys, to apple cores and half-finished yoghurts.

Stool and Shelf

 Lifestyle shot of shelf and stool


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