The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons

Oooooh it's getting chilly. Did you have socks on in bed last night? If you have a fire, presumably you had it stoked. This morning, there are smiley faces in the condensation of school-run car windows, and almost all of the conkers have been pocketed from the park.

Over in Yangon the monsoon is coming to a close. After months and months of rain, the ground is now dry enough for periods of the day to write your name in the dust. The clouds are thinning and the birds have a little longer each day to chirrup. It's still hot, but it will start cooling as December approaches.

In Yangon, the temperature won't ever drop below 16 degrees, even at night. But when it dips below 20, wooly hats and ski jackets come out. Legitimately so in the north, where it sometimes drops into single figures at night. Few have any sort of insulation and most people's walls are made of wood or bamboo, so you need all the layers you can to keep the chill off.

Autumn in Burma

A hot milky sweet tea in a glass is the perfect start to a chilly morning in Burma, probably on a tiny stool in a teashop watching the world go by. But over here, morning tea must be drunk inside a snuggly nest of duvet and bedcover. We do an excellent line in trays just for the purpose. You're welcome.



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