Our Sustainability & Human-Rights Manifesto

Our Sustainability & Human-Rights Manifesto

Did you know that the artisan sector is the world's second largest employer? It can be key to lifting millions out of poverty. But accessing markets is often a huge barrier, particularly for craftspeople in remote or hard-to-access locations. 

Burma is one of these. 12% of the country's population earn their livelihood through craft, but most can't get their products to people who value them due to its extremely challenging political and logistical landscape.

This is why Kalinko exists. We pick through the tangles of red tape and provide a smooth path to market for our makers' products. We give global markets access to products from source which is difficult to reach. We support livelihoods in the most challenging of contexts. 

This requires agility. We have to preemptively mitigate risks where possible, and remain flexible and adaptable as things change, as they do daily. 

How do we do this? We have recently launched our HRDD & Environmental Sustainability Manifesto to walk you through it. This lays out our sustainability principles, explains how our annual human rights due diligence assessments are conducted, and lists the environmental sustainability measures we have in place.

Read the manifesto HERE

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