Kalinko Curated by Alex Stedman

Kalinko Curated by Alex Stedman

Alex is the editor of the award-winning website The Frugality and the owner of a beautiful Edwardian house which she and her husband have renovated very slowly over the past three years. Her home and personal style look effortless (and very cool...) but behind every decision is an extremely thoughtful and considered shopper.

We are very lucky to have counted Alex amongst our cheerleaders since the early-days of Kalinko, and are thrilled to share her recent curation of her top Kalinko picks.

She says:

"Kalinko is a brand I have loved ever since I first met Sophie (the founder) probably around 5 years ago. If you're a fan of rattan, then this brand is for you, this beanbag (gifted to us for this shoot) is just divine and I personally love the rattan planters and the woven brown bins I have bought for a few rooms around our home - inconspicuous and chic."

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Ps. A lovely story about Alex. A few years ago we sent her a planter to thank her for some work she had done for us. She insisted that she'd like to pay for it, but we insisted that we'd like to gift it. So she conceded and said, in that case, please could she make a donation to the makers for the value of the planter. We were heading down to see them a few weeks later, so we took her money converted into local currency and assessed what they most needed in the weaving village. The answer was dried fish - their diet is very rice-heavy and low on nutrients. Dried fish keeps for a long time, is rich in nutrients and can be easily shared around the village. Her money bought 10 large bags of dried fish which will have supplemented meals for the whole village for about two weeks. I think about this every time I see dried fish in the market over there. It was such a lovely thing for Alex to have done, and had a huge impact on the ground.

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