How much do you love your dog?

How much do you love your dog?

This is Digby.

Digby is Margie's dog.

Margie really loves Digby. 

Margie and Digby

Digby's been cutting himself some slack recently.

Less stressing about the things that don't matter.

More lie ins.

Long walks on the beach.

Tea breaks that last way beyond tea time.


Digby on the stairs Digby in bed

He's got the right idea. And it's working. He's been sleeping better than ever.

Might have something to do with his bed too.

You see, it isn't just any bed...

Digby in our Kway Dog Bed

It's the world's smartest dog bed.

Handwoven in Burma, no less.

I told you Margie loved him.


Details of the dog bed


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