Globetrotting: Toronto

Globetrotting: Toronto

Often described as the love child of New York and London, Toronto has all the fun and culture of its purported parents, but dialled down a notch. It’s notorious for extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum, but hit it right and you’re in for a treat. A food-lover's heaven, a multicultural hub, and just a short (by Northern American standards) drive from Niagara Falls, if you’re looking for a calm city break, head on over to Hogtown.

Stay - The Drake Hotel

There are tons of really great hotel options in Toronto but The Drake being a little further west of Downtown really forces you to see more of the city. They have a rooftop bar, live karaoke every other Tuesday, and a great little shop. The surrounding area is filled with some of the best bars and restaurants in Toronto so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Eat - Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Did someone say Brunch?! Now, this restaurant isn’t for the faint-hearted – this is one for food LOVERS. We're talking their infamous one inch thick pancakes, potentially the best kale caesar salad you’ve ever eaten and buttermilk biscuits with apple butter jam.

You also cannot visit Toronto without trying poutine, the Canadian speciality of….cheesy chips and gravy. Yup you heard that right. The version at Mildred’s is a real treat.

Shop - Kensington Market

Toronto’s version of Portobello, Kensington Market is a pedestrianised hippie hybrid of bohemian boutiques and classic Victorian tree-lined streets. Head down there for vintage finds, indie art spaces and the best churros in town. The whole world seems to have a spot on these buzzing boulevards. It’s eclectic, beautiful and a great microcosm of Toronto. Don’t miss it, whether it's 110 degrees or 10 inches of snow.

See - Niagara Falls

Just an hour and quarter outside Toronto, head out of town to the Niagara Falls. Deservedly one of the Seven Wonders, visit the famous waters in late spring or early-autumn to see them at their frothy best. Regardless of the time of year, you’ll have to zone out the other tourists, but focus on the falls, quietly hum TLC’s Waterfalls and take in the moment. It really is something special.

And if you haven’t got your fix on the Canadian side, drive over to the New York banks for a different view. Then for a consumerist contrast to your outdoorsy morning, carry on to Buffalo, an outlet store Mecca just an hour further south which will blow your mind (and your luggage allowance).


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