Home Truths: 9 Interiors Instagram Accounts to Follow

Home Truths: 9 Interiors Instagram Accounts to Follow

People are changing the way they use Instagram. It's going back to what it used to be: windows into small snippets of the world, little corners of beauty or interest, tiny escapes from our every day humdrum. We're seeing less "hotdogs or legs" (linked for the non-Instagram users amongst you who have no idea what on earth that is), and more pretty pools of light across a room in the afternoon.

Here are the interiors instagram accounts we get particular pleasure from.

ONE | Yellowtrace

In their own words "dropping design inspiration bombs daily", Yellowtrace is a Sydney-based online publication. Their instagram feed is a varied, beautiful and perfectly curated showcase of the best design.

TWO | Room on Fire

Room on Fire
Curated by interior designer Chloë McCarthy, Room on Fire is a gorgeous feed of rustic materials, sweeping arches and stairways and a lot of the streaming light that we can't get enough of on our Instagram stories.

THREE | Modernist Estates

Modernist Estates
This is awesome. It's just modernist estates, looking retro and chic, inside and out. 

FOUR | Ettoree Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass
Ettore Sottsass was a 20th Century Italian architect and designer. This feed is actually curated by Raquel Cayre in his memory, inspired by his work. It's always bright, buzzy and a bit weird.

FIVE | Plum Collective

Plum Collective
We love Melissa's pick of interiors, art and design. She actually runs a company that makes beautiful lights, but this is her vibe nicely encapsulated.

SIX | Studio Ashby

Studio Ashby
Sophie Ashby is a London-based interior designer. Her style is super varied, but centres on art, travel, vintage pieces and natural materials. A gal after our own heart.

SEVEN | The Modern House

The Modern House
This is actually a UK estate agent, but they only sell homes which are incredibly beautifully designed. So this is perfect for being nosy, and for planning your future post-lottery-win home purchase.

EIGHT | Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot
Emily is an artist, but her work is so popular with interior designers that her feed reads like an interiors account. Mid-century chic, and right up our street. 

NINE | Teklan

A Swedish wunderkind of colour, Teklan Evelina Severin is the opposite of what comes to mind when you think of skandi interiors. Her images are bright, bold and brutalist. Originally an interior architect, she's now a "multi-disciplinary designer", so photographer, art director, set designer, brand consultant. Her posts always put a pep in your step.

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