The Wonky Sale 2023

The world's best, fully-online sample sale. No queueing, no sharp elbows, no lugging things home on the tube.

This is the sale of the things that we can't sell full price. Some things have little chips, scratches or marks, some have been slightly in the wars, and some are just a little bit wonky.

But they are all still beautiful, and perform their jobs wonderfully.

And we aren't in the business of throwing away perfectly good things, so want you to have the chance to give them happy homes.

Anyway, who doesn't love the underdog...? Particularly when it's a steal.

Get ready...

Kindred Club, you're in 24 hours before everyone else.

Wonky Alumni

Get yourself into the mood for the Wonky Sale by learning about some of our Wonky alumni who are out in the wild, sparking wonky joy

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