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Wedding Lists

When I got married, I felt a bit funny about having a wedding list. It felt so greedy, giving out a list of things for people to buy us. But my mum explained that people love buying presents, and that they'd far rather buy you something you'll love, rather than guessing and getting it wrong.

And she's right. We all love giving presents. But wouldn't it be great if your wedding list not only gave you the jazziest home out, but also made a big impact on the other side of the world?

That's where we come in!

Wedding List Wrapping

Everything at Kalinko is handmade by a small family workshop, so by ordering lots of things from us, your big day will make lots of people's days 6000 miles away in rural Burma.

Our products are also all sustainably made from local materials, are seasonless, and are designed to last a lifetime, so ideal if you're planning a less wasteful wedding.

If you know somebody who has just got engaged, maybe a sibling, friend, cousin, child... let them know that they can have their wedding list with us.

And £50 for you!

We'll give you £50 if your referral turns into a wedding list to say thank you. Just send us a screenshot proving that you were the person that flagged Kalinko to your friend, and we'll send you a gift card.*

Kalinko Gift Card

Thank you!

Sophie x


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* Terms & Conditions apply. The wedding list needs to have a total value of over £1000 in order to redeem your gift card. The gift card will be activated once the gift list is open.