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Deep in the west of Burma, a two-day drive from Yangon where Chin State meets Rakhine State, live a group of women with facial tattoos. They are the women of the Southern Chin and are the largest group of traditionally face-tattooed women in Asia. They are also extremely proficient weavers, and make much of the fabric which we sell at Kalinko. 

The most extensive and precise records of these facial tattoos in existence is thanks to the tireless study and photography of Jens Uwe Parkitny. Jens is from Germany, but is married to a Burmese lady, Swe Yi, and has spent time in Burma since 1999, long before the country opened up to tourists. He spent 14 years travelling to and from one of the most remote areas of Burma to study and photograph this tradition. The resulting portfolio is amongst the most astonishing and beautiful anthropological records on earth.

We are thrilled to be able to offer his prints for sale through Kalinko.

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