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This is an exclusive sale for Kindred Club Members. Welcome!

A little bit of background...

Way back in 2016, when Kalinko was still snuggly in the womb, we were up in Chin State with the weavers chatting fabrics, patterns and colours. One of the weavers was perched on a big pile of fabric in one corner of the room; handwoven, gorgeous fabrics that they hadn't been able to sell. Sure, some of them were a bit dirty, some had imperfections, some were a bit tatty at one end. But they were the product of weeks and weeks of work. Months of love from talented hands and minds. And holyyyy moly were they beautiful.

So we bought the lot. Every last one. We took them back to Yangon, washed them, and salvaged the parts which had life in them. Then we set to work making cushions. Hundreds of cushions! Different shapes and sizes, based on the pieces of fabric we were working with. We spent days and days with tweezers pulling out bits of debris or fluff that had been woven in, sorting them, measuring them, naming them, labelling them.

Then off they went in the container to the UK, ready for sale when Kalinko launched in November. They were the star of the show at our inaugural fair and sold in droves, customers cooing over the colours and patterns, and how tactile they all were.

We put the ones we had left up on, but they got rather lost among the hundreds of products, and we felt like they were unfairly retreating back to the pile in the corner where they came from. So we took them down and resolved to save them for a special occasion.

We then sold them to you lot a few weeks ago as we launched The Kindred Club, and you snapped up most of them! There are just a few left, and we've bundled them together because we don't like our little guys to travel alone. 


A couple of points before you dive in... 

When we shot these, we had a giant budget of £0, which means Sophie photographed them at home with her digital camera and her best attempt to act like a professional photographer. So the photos don't always do them justice. Please know that they are ALL stunning in person. Have a look at the close-up shots for the best idea of texture and colour.

In some of the photos, they're pictured with other cushions. If you don't see those other cushions in the sale, we sadly don't have them anymore.

Now that you know how these cushions started their lives, you'll understand that they are not perfect: they're fabulously imperfect. They may have pulls in the thread, knots where a new piece of yarn has been introduced, fluff that drifted on a breeze into the loom which we missed with our tweezers. They may also vary by a centimetre or so from the dimensions listed. Lastly, they may vary from the exact pattern pictured: yours will be from the same piece of fabric photographed, but a different section, so it may not be exactly the same.

We want them to go to permanent homes because it's too sad seeing such beautiful things boxed up in our warehouse. So they're non-refundable.

And finally, these are an absolute steal, but we really want them to go to happy homes! So think ahead to Christmas, birthdays, weddings, send one to somebody that needs cheering up, or best of all treat yourself!

Happy Shopping!


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