Home Truths: You've heard the news - Rattan's Back!

Home Truths: You've heard the news - Rattan's Back!

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Although the truth is, it never really left...

Rattan Interior

It’s in every magazine, newspaper, and cool cat’s home. But unlike shower plants or floral wallpaper, this is no fad. Rattan’s been the Queen of Cool for centuries.

Terracotta model of a Sumerian bed, 20th-16th C B.C.

Millennia actually. The Ancient Sumerians of 4000 B.C. slept on woven rattan beds, Tutankhamun was buried with some rattan baskets, and the mothers of the Dutch Golden Age loved rattan cots as comfortable and hygienic havens for their babies.

An interior with a family and two nurses before a fire – Attr. Esaias Boursse

And here it is in 2017, still relevant and still loved. It works everywhere: in minimalist modern spaces, cosy country bedrooms, and boho plant-filled conservatories.

Leafy Conservatory

It still looks so good! An interesting room is full of lots of different textures, and rattan is a perfect to bring in next to wood, leather, brushed concrete and metal. It’s a great contrast to heavy, dark furniture, and can really lift the feel of a space.

Natural Rattan Look

But what actually is rattan? Is it different from wicker? And how does cane fit in? We’ll explain all in our next blog post. In the meantime, shop rattan here.

Savoy Rattan Side Table

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Yes DO @Linda Rampton! You won’t regret it!

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