Your Kalinko: Rattan Ready

Your Kalinko: Rattan Ready

The great thing about rattan is that it looks seasonal all year round. So while we patiently wait for summer to arrive, here’s our pick of the ways you’ve been styling our rattan this spring:

Katha Side Table in Sarah Peake's Studio

We're not jealous of Sarah Peake's home office at all. Not one bit. Not drooling at how beautiful and cosy it is, and how it must make her want to sit there all day. Top tip for productivity: have an office that you never want to leave. We love how she has styled our Katha Rattan Side Table, making full use of the double tier.  

Our Moses Basket in Jules' Home

If Jules' Kalay Moses Baby Basket doesn't show Rattan is for everyone (even the tiniest tots!), we don't know what will. Sadly it doesn't come with the adorable little spring chick. Jules... if you need a babysitter...!

Suszi Saunders

Spring has sprung at Suszi Saunders' home where our Kanbalu Rattan Planter in white pops very satisfyingly against her super chic blue walls. She's obviously a dab hand with keeping plants alive too. Have a look at her feed - her home is full of the outdoors. A plant whisperer and a beautiful home-maker... the dream! 

Dawei Wastepaper Bin in Erica Davies's Home

If you don’t already follow Erica Davies on instagram, it’s time. She’s predominantly a stylist and fashion journalist (so lots of great tips), but she also loves nesting. She chose our Dawei Rattan Waste Paper Basket for her new office at home: chic choice. She’s also very funny and normal. Our kind of gal.

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