Your Kalinko: Glassware

Your Kalinko: Glassware

Styling our glasses is pretty easy, because they are SO beautiful. They bring so much joy, day after day after day. Just put them in the light and watch the shapes from the ripples and bubbles dance on the table.

That said, some people just know how to make things sing. Like stylists that make beautiful people look EVEN more beautiful. 

Check out these chic Kalinko homes, where the glasses add a little je ne sais quoi to an already sparkly scene.

High Ball Light Blue

Our friend Molly has a way with styling. You want to jump into every scene she posts, like that scene in Mary Poppins where they jump into the chalk drawings outside the park. Her husband, Joel, is obsessed with our glasses..."they're just so satisfying to hold".  Well it's true - they are. 

Tumbler Light Blue

Amy is a professional stylist, so no wonder this looks so pretty. It may be the depths of winter, but thanks to this peachy scene featuring our light blue tumbler, we're suddenly all sun and lemony water. Thanks Amy - just what the doctor ordered! 
Tumblers Amber
The clever people at Little Greene have put our amber tumblers in their super chic kitchen. It makes us want to bake bread immediately, and eat it while it's still warm with way too much butter. Dreamy. 
And Lucy's pretty kitchen is the perfect backdrop for our dark blue tumblers. I wonder if she noticed that she'd matched her delphiniums to them perfectly. 

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