Your Kalinko: Chic Side Tables

Your Kalinko: Chic Side Tables

When we launched Kalinko back in November 2016, our first sale was a set of white placemats. I'll never forget it... SO exciting (hi Anne, if you're reading!). 

Our second sale was not one, but TWO Katha Side Tables. Huge...! And even better than that, they've been selling like hot samosas ever since.  

People tell us they love them because they fit into narrow spaces. They love them because of the handy lower shelf. They love them because they're just so damn chic.

Well... good news. They've just become even chic-er. We've given them rattan legs rather than wooden, and given them a slightly more oriental feel. Because they're not just a side table. They're all the way from Burma, and we want them to feel a little bit special.

Here's how some of you have expertly styled them. And scroll down for the new look. Let us know what you think!
Sophie x

Nels Eyre Interiors

Clever clever Nels has such a brilliant eye. How cosy is this bedroom? LOVE the old fashioned bedding, the beautiful wallpaper, the classy reading material....

Luise's bedroom

Ooooh love Luise's rug, and her bedhead, and her lamp. It feels like a scene from Call Me By Your Name. So gorgeous.

Sarah Peake's Bedroom

Sarah has nailed it again. Fun fact: those little hats on the wall are from Uzbekistan. Such a bizarre, amazing place. Read all about it the time we went here

And say hi to the new Katha!

New Katha Side Table

New Katha Side TableShop the Katha Side Table

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